The Ravenous Audience

Selected by Chris Abani for the Black Goat imprint of Akashic Books, The Ravenous Audience (2009) is Kate Durbin's debut collection of poetry. Little Red Riding Hood, Jezebel, Catherine Breillat's Fat Girl, Marilyn Monroe, Amelia Earhart, and Pier Paolo Pasolini's Christ are only a few of the archetypal and pop cultural characters that populate this strange and mesmerizing coming-of-age tale.

Praise for The Ravenous Audience:

"Christianity or cuisine, cinema or sex manuals, Eros or Thanatos, Artaud or Marilyn Monroe? Marry or suture or eat all of them and you are close to Ravenous. A brutal tour de force."
--Juan Felipe Herrera, Poet Laureate of the United States (2015-2017)

"Durbin's debut volume sizzles...Throughout this deeply feminist, groundbreaking collection, she employs both the elemental forces of her intellect and a vigorous intensity of startling imagery to implode or explode conventional notions of sexuality and womanhood."
--Maurya Simon, author of The Wilderness: New and Selected Poems

"Durbin writes first-rate traditional lyric poems, while at other times she writes poems that push the limits of the avant-garde and, most amazingly, at other times, she makes a loving marriage of the two! This is an exceptional debut by a young poet burning with talent."
--Thomas Lux, author of Selected Poems

"Iconophilic, starving...a gurlesque horror show." - Johannes Göransson, Rain Taxi

"The Ravenous Audience [strips] multiple layers of distance away from the raw and monstrous experience of existence." -Christopher Higgs, 3:AM Magazine

"A deliciously disturbing collection of poems that delivers a sensory-emotional feast ripe with smells, sounds, and flavors of the sacred and the profane." -The Feminist Review