Hello Selfie Men

hello selfie men 2.jpg

Created with the support of Arts Queensland, Durbin's Hello Selfie Men (2015) is the fourth and final iteration of Hello Selfie, an URL/IRL performance about gender and the selfie phenomenon. For the piece, performers wearing pants and no shirts took selfies for an hour straight at an outdoor mall in Brisbane, Australia, uploading them in real time to the FB event wall. They were instructed not interact with the IRL audience.

Initially inspired by the online meme REAL MEN DON'T TAKE SELFIES, Hello Selfie Men deals with the sometimes invisible cultural pressures of masculinity, the much-maligned dick pic, body anxiety, and men as objects.

The video documentation of Hello Selfie Men was released in an online show curated by Valentina Fois with upfor gallery, which received press in Rhizome and The Frontier. The video documentation was first screened live for Picture Berlin, in a talk on Durbin's Hello Selfie series by curator Tina Sauerländer.