KIM Y SU BODA DE CUENTO DE HADAS is a Spanish translation of Kim's Fairytale Wedding, Durbin's novella about Kim Kardashian's wedding to basketball player Kris Humphries. The book was translated by writer and publisher Tive Martínez.

For Tarpaulin Sky, critic Lisa Flowers called the novella: "a surrealist/Shirley Jackson-like chronicle of the pre-nups of Kim Kardashian and NBA player Kris Humphries, who is referred to throughout as 'NH,' or the 'Not-Husband.' The marriage itself happens in very short order, scuttling and disintegrating—like Durbin’s description of LA’s meteorology—much 'faster than regular clouds.' [The book] is about marriage, and with it about fear: fear of aging, fear of being replaced."

Thomas Cook for The Rumpus writes: "Durbin's surreality reaches its peak in Kim's Fairytale Wedding, which follows the marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries (amusingly dubbed 'Not-Husband' or 'NH' throughout) from their rehearsal dinner to their wedding ceremony.  Durbin [employs] an over-the-top naming trope: even minor characters are renamed—'Guy A,' 'Jungle Print Woman'—as they might be in television credits. The reader learns that there is perhaps nothing more uncanny than the reproduction of Kim Kardashian explaining how her memory works: 'I’m going through the clothes, and you know, all of these memories keep coming up'; 'It’s just like going through these shirts and stuff, knowing my Dad wore them, it’s just like so much you know'; 'Stepdad is like my Dad'). Though in isolation these pronouncements sound, of course, empty, what strikes us as Durbin’s readers is her ability to energize such language through the form of the story. Kim's Wedding sutures together precisely chosen emptinesses (of speech, of exposition, of scripted conflict), and forces the show to perform its own critique without moralizing or soapboxing. Durbin’s writing enables the show to speak for itself in a way that the show alone may not."

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